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Recent e-mails:

This e-mail was sent from a real Presa lover from Slovenia, Europe.
If we cant make agreement for Zethor I will wait for next litter and reserve a pup. Since I want a pup with crop ears and here in Slovenia is also not allowed I would have to wait for it for 6 more months but it is worth.. I have been monitoring your dogs for years and there is no doubt that you are one of the best breeders of True Presas in the world.. We have many DogoCanario breeders near by, but I dont want a dogo but presa.. I want to have a dog that will protect my familly and my house, in one word Guardian Dog.. Hope Axel and Tarzana will have many pups like Zethor..

We are receiving many e-mails like this from all over the world. We are proud that we do something
right here, preserving real Presa appearance and temperament.

Other Story
Nice couple from Canada drove 4,000 miles just to get two puppies from us. That's how they value our dogs,
and that's how they value now their dogs. These people are true dog lovers, and people like these are the reason why we
are still breeding. Only for real dog lovers who appreciate high quality real Presa Canario. They told us that our dogs
actually look better in real, than on the pictures. For those of you who are interested to talk to them, and ask them about
their experience dealing with us, and about the appearance, temperament and living condition of our dogs, we have the
permission to release their phone number.




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