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My name is D.D. Training and raising dogs is more then passionate hobby for me, it is way of life. I have been training and raising dogs since 1985. I have trained many dogs, mainly German Shepherds for the Schutzhund competition.  Many of the dogs that I have trained have received Schutzhund title.

The Schutzhund is translated from the German language as a “protection dog”. These highly desired dogs are formally considered trained protection dogs. However, the reality is that Schutzhund training is mostly of a sporting nature, a game consisting of chasing prey, instead of real protection work. Oftentimes during police activities, dogs are asked to pursue and apprehend criminals or intruders. While training these dogs in attack and apprehension techniques, dogs that have been trained in the traditional Schutzhund methodologies, concentrate only on biting the protective sleeve on a helper’s hand, but not on the helper itself. As a result, the Schutzhund trained dog often may fail in real life scenarios, due to the fact that many Schutzhund dogs will not bite, if they don’t see the sleeve because they have no point of reference. When police department purchased Schutzhund trained dogs, they oftentimes need to allocate many hours and resources to retrain these dogs to be able to work as a service dogs.

After working many years in the field of Schutzhund training, I realized that it is more important for me to train dogs for real protection, as opposed to sport competition. Now, I raise and train dogs for personal protection only. My training is very similar as police dog training.

I train Real Personal Protection Dogs, to protect you, and your family in any situation.

Dogs have very fast reactions. They are much faster than humans. So, if you are caught in a situation in which an intruder reaches for his gun, the dog will be trained to get to his hand before he can pull his gun, holds the intruders hand and keep him down until you give him a command to release. I remember what one old trainer told me a long time ago: “Owning a protection dog is better then owning a gun”. I would say that owning a protection trained dog would serve you as an additional device, in case you may need it to protect you or your loved ones lives.

About my dog training background

I have always loved animals. My first dog was a Smooth Fox Terrier, or “Rat Terrier”.

In 1977 I found him as astray at a nearby railway track. So, I took him home, fed him, and named him Bobby. Over time I trained him to sit down, heal and fetch. I eventually taught him hand signals, to come on a whistle signal, and many other tricks. I thought that I had discovered some innate talent within me for training dogs; or perhaps Bobby was just an extremely smart pooch. Ha, ha. He did learn fast, and followed me everywhere I went. There was only one problem with this dog. He was a train chaser. We lived closed to a railway track, and any time train passed by, Bobby was alerted. He was agitated by huge metal machine that makes so much noise. When I knew that it is a time for train to pass by, I kept Bobby inside. However, once the train was coming at different time and Bobby ran to chase his pray. I tried to call him back but he didn't’t listen. When he tried to stop the train by placing a strong bite to the large metal wheel, the other wheel smashed him down. Maybe he was thinking that he is catching a big fat noisy rat, I don’t know. Well, I cried a lot and as I buried him in our back yard, I thought more about dog training and how I could prevent this from happening again. Could I prevent this tragedy? After years of study of dog behaviors, and dog training, I came to a conclusion, that I could prevent it, if I would know about pack structure an if I would established myself as a pack leader.

Nevertheless, my passion for dogs and dog training was born. About ten years later, in 1982, I purchased pure bread German Schnauzer puppy, and started serious training with him. That dog was everything to me. I read every book, and every magazine, that came in to my hands, and was constantly searching for more information about dog training. I also joined local Schutzhund club, and was able to qualify him for the Schutzhund title at the young age of only 14 months.  He was excellent protector and great dog. Since then, I have trained and owned many other dogs, mainly German Shepherds, but I will never forget this very smart Schnauzer.

Why Presa?

I personally like larger dogs around 100 pounds with a big head, strong bone structure and enough bite pressure to subdue a person of 6 foot, 200 lb. stature. When my last German Shepherd past away due to old age, I was looking for a new dog. This time I wanted to try a different breed then German Shepherd. I looked at several breed including Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Dogue de Bordeaux, Cane Corso, and many others. Then I finally found it. Intelligent canine with stable temperament and outstanding drive, large enough with big head and strong bone structure, with athletic body and that special look, what makes you hold your breath, when he look at your eyes. The beautiful: “Perro de Presa Canario”

When I saw the Perro the Presa Canario for the first time, there was a something very interesting about this breed that caught my attention. So, I performed deep level research on Presa history, temperament, and training abilities. I tried to find as much information as I could.
I spent almost one year, and hundreds of hours on the research. I wanted the best Presa what I could get. There was an abundance of information to disseminate. Then, after a year of research my time paid off.  I finally found what I was looking for. I found one of the oldest breeder in the Canary Islands, breeding original Presa Canario (not “Dogo”), since 1977 based on Bardino Majorero working bloodlines. I was very impressed. So, I have imported several dogs from this kennel for my breeding program, and I discovered that Presa dogs are absolutely awesome, and the best!

...............................................................Two of my best protection trained family Presas