We at Castle of Presa feed our dogs human grade raw meat with fresh vegetables and berries for the best health results. There are many commercial dog food available today, why raw meat?
Once you bring your dog or puppy home you are responsible for him. This great animal trusts you. He is fully depending on you. So, it's up to you how you will take care of him, and how you will feed him.

Who said that corn is not healthy for dogs?
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If corn is healthy for cats, it's ok for dogs right?.

Well, not realy. Corn is not healthy for human, so its not healthy for your dog either.
Why it's not healthy? Mainly because of GMO and poison from pestesite sprays.

Feeding your dog with raw meat is worth of every penny. Why?
1. Your dog will be more healthy, so you will save a lot of money for the vet in long run
2. You never have to deal with diarrhea and muddy smelly poop, or accidents at home
3. You minimize the chance your dog will have a cancer, allergies, intestinal problems, liver, kidney problems or even menthal problems.
4. Raw meat costs about the same as the most expensive commercial dog food, or less, but by feeding raw you know that you are not poisoning your dog with toxic and saturated-desaturated fat, mercury and other poisons what you can find in every commercial dog food.
Plus 40% of dog food contains popular filers such as sand, dirt, rocks, sawdust and mud. Yeah, my dogs can eat dirt from my back yard for free, if they want to.

For safe feeding of chicken bones, the bones need to be processed in the grinder. We started with small grinder Maverick for $60 dollars and later upgraded to commercial grinder Vollrath.

If you love your dog, you should make some research before you start feeding him commercial dog food. Please read this article dog food if you need to know more, here is one more from the veterinarians who did his research on dog food, and who cares more about animals than about money dead dog food

Where to purchase a raw meat ?
When you purchase a raw meat from the company who is selling dog food, you will get the same garbage like the kibbles what they are selling at the store, and your dog will more likely get sick. We have a 100% control on what we feed our dogs with, because we are purchasing raw chicken from healthy stores like Sprouts, AJ's, and Whole Food stores, or directly from the farmers. We prepare our own dog food from human grade raw chicken meat, no hormones, no antibiotics, and garbage and toxic.

How to prepare home made raw dog food.
When we bring the whole chicken fryer home, we cut the fat out and leave it for dog food manufactures. In the other words, we put it in garbage can. Then we cut the meat off the bones to make sure the bones will fit in the grinder. Raw chicken bones are very beneficial for dogs, but need to be processed in the grinder. Never feed your dog with cooked bones of any kind. In edition to raw meat we add cooked rice, some cooked potatoes, cooked pasta, and cooked beef livers and hearts. We make 1lbs packages of raw meat over the weekend, put it in freezer, so we have it ready during the week.

Here is the recipe how we feed our dogs.

Adult female Presa over 2 years old eats 2 lbs of food 2 x a day. Total of 4lbs per day. Male Presa eats 2-1/2 to 3 lbs of food 2x a day. Total of 5 lbs per day.

1-1/2 lbs of raw meat,
10 oz of fully cooked rice
3 tbsp of carrot puree
100 mg of vitamin C
200 IU of vitamin E, or 1 tbsp of cooked livers
1/2 cup of milk
1 tbsp of oats soaked in milk

1-1/2 lbs of raw meat,
10 oz of fully cooked rice
2 tbsp of berries
100 mg of vitamin C
6 drops of fish oil
8-10 drops of liquid vitamin B complex
1 tsp of dry kelp (dust form for better digestion)

Dogs need a lot of protein. In edition of raw chicken meat, we used to feed cooked beens, and fish. NOT ANY MORE!!! The advise what we've got from the vet was no good. She didn't have the knowledge what we have now. Beens are not healthy for human, so they are not healthy or poisoning for dogs. And fish has too much mercury. It is much safer to use purified fish oil where mercury is removed.

My Vet told me Not to feed my dog raw chicken meat, because he will get salmonella.
There are two reasons why your vet tells you this:
a) He want's you to purchase a commercial dog food from his office, because they get feedback from the manufactures. It's all about the money.
b) Many vets are just like you, they trust these companies, they believe all the TV commercial bull, and they feed their own dogs commercial garbage food as well.

Before I discovered the truth about commercial dog food, I fed my dogs kibbles as well. I tried many brands, Canidae, Innova, Pinnacle, Origin, EVO and many other premium expensive dog food. It worked for a month or two, but then it all ends up the same...huge smelly muddy diarrhea all over. When I started to feed raw meat, I didn't have a single case of diarrhea ever. I saved 100s of dollars for Metronidazole (pills to stop diarrhea) but mainly, I have more healthy dogs. Poops don't have that bad smell, actully it smells like musrooms in the forest. Not bad. Human and dogs live on enzymes and there are NO enzymes in commercial dog food, ohhh..... they just realized that and recently start puting some chemical enzymes in there, but its nothing compare to enzymes what you can find in raw meat and minerals in raw bones.

It is simple, you feed your dogs the same food what you eat, only in raw form (just don't feed spicy, salty and sweet food). Everything what is made for dogs is made out of garbage. Avoid any products and any vitamins made for dogs, use the same vitamins what you eat.

Kirkland premium Performance Multi from Costco would be the best for your dog. 300 tablets for about $13 dollars and you know that you give your dog the best. For smaller dogs you cut the tablet in half, or give 1/3 of tablet per day.

Now, what to do if you travel with your dog and you need to eat the fast food garbage by yourself. Sometimes we all need to do that. Well, you should stop in grocery store and purchase a sliced ham, mayonnaise, and bread an make sandwich by yourself, or purchase grilled chicken (most grocery stores have it) and for your dog purchase a raw chicken breasts.
However, If you don't have time and need to go drive-through to get your sandwich, and you need food for your dog fast...then, there are only two companies what are selling human grade dry dog food: Honest Kitchen and CaniSource. CaniSource dry dog food is so good that you can eat it as well. I am sure that there will be more companies who will be producing quality human grade dry dog food in the future. However, if you are on the road and purchase a cheeseburger for yourself, you can purchase 4-5 cheeseburgers for your dog, it will be still better and healthier for your dog than any commercial dog food.