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Before we will build our largest dog shelter in U.S. we will be helping an existing private dog shelter
here in Phoenix Arizona




I have a dream that I will rescue every dog that was dumped, because someone didn't want him anymore, rescue every dog from people who betrayed the trust of the dog who had in them, and from people who don’t appreciate the unconditional love and loyalty that only a dog can give them. I have a dream that I will open the largest dog rescue facility in the U.S. someday, where every dog will get help and no dog will suffer.


My friend was laughing, you are not Brad Pitt, and to do something like that will cost a lot of money. I told her, I believe that it could be done; if I would be like Brad Pitt, I would open a dog rescue facility, like he did. Because I don’t have Brad Pitt’s money, I can only make this happen if dog lovers throughout the states donate a dollar or two. I will do anything to make my dream “I Have a Dream Dog Rescue Shelter” come true.


My friend opposed again; “Wrong timing, bad economy, who cares about dogs when people suffer and need help, who would want to help dogs?”
My response “Now is the time!” There are shocking stories about dogs left in foreclosure homes starving to death and others found close to death still waiting for their masters to come home to feed them and pet them, but they never come!

Today, more abandoned dogs are wandering the streets than ever before. Now is the time to do something about it.
There was a recent story about a German Shepherd puppy who was found exhausted, close to death and dehydrated lying in a ditch still holding his tennis ball in his mouth. It was after Christmas, people purchase a puppy for their kids as a Christmas gift, and when they find out they have to take care of a puppy, feed him and clean after him…. they just get rid of him easy way. This is the scenario what probably happened to this pup. Somebody drove him far away from home, took him out of the car and tossed him his favorite toy. Here boy: “Fetch it!” When puppy was running after his tennis ball, they jumped into the car and drove away. This obedient puppy was running after the car to bring his master his tennis ball…. until total exhaustion. Yes, some people are cruel like that.

I believe that we can help these wonderful animals start a new life again with better guardians, but only if we all work on the project together. Strength in numbers. I believe that every dog deserves a happy life.

Now is the time….abandoned and unwanted dogs need our help more than ever before. They can’t speak; they can’t look for a new owner by themselves. Shelters are constantly full, and hundreds of dogs are killed every day. We can help people as well. There will be many people needed in order to run a large rescue shelter like this one. We would need to employ a lot of people to work on our “I Have a Dream Dog Rescue” project and we will help our economy as well.


Now is the time! Because, here in Arizona the land is available at amazing low prices, and people are willing to work for less than ever before. We placed a test ad in the local newspaper and in craigslist to find out if people would be interested in this project and Yes, there are many people who are looking for work or even want to volunteer! There are shelters all over the U.S. already, but many people who run these rescue shelters are wasting too much money on sending letters to prospective donors, and paying themselves high wages.


How You Can Help?

We have already started. I put $1,000 from my pension savings into the Rescue Fund, and from each puppy or dog that we sell; we will put an additional $100 to the Rescue Fund.

If you want to help us to build “I Have a Dream Dog Rescue”, please click on “Donate” button and send your contribution to the Rescue Fund.

There is no minimum amount you can donate. We will post info about the progress every month on this website, so you can monitor how our fund is growing and when we will be able to start building the shelter. For donors with high contributions we will add you as a sponsor of the “I Have a Dream Dog Rescue“ project, and we put a banner with your name and company name on our website, as well as free ads on our future YouTube videos.




As soon as we purchase a land everything will go much faster, because people will see that we are serious about the rescue project and more and more people will send contribution to our Rescue Project. Contractors will offer discounts, and when big companies will get involve, it will go with God speed. If you wish to, we can publish your full name, with you phone number. I am so excited about the rescue project, we will send you an e-mail showing the progress of contributions, it will be big, great energy, great people, willingness to help is natural to American people. I see the big picture here, very big............


The first dog I ever rescued was Bobby in 1977.

I already mentioned him in my profile. I found only one picture of Bobby after my parents passed away. I used to have mainly pure bred dogs, such as German Schnauzer, and German Shepherds. But, I rescued several other dogs during the years. I remember when I rescued female Pitbull when I lived in California, right in time, before they called animal control. She stayed with my x-wife to the rest of her life. People have been afraid of Pitbulls, and they still are, because of hysterical hate created by TV and other media. But, media never mention about the other breeds who killed people and children, because of stupidity of their owners. Media now trying to create hate between white police officers and black citizens, but they never mention how many white people have been killed by black police officers. But, I don't want to create discussion on this theme here.

We people, black or white are here to rescue dogs, any dogs, that need our help, that would be our goal, our mission. No racial issues here.

The first dog I rescued in Arizona was Chinese Sharpei, in March 2005

I found her in Phoenix preserve, somebody just dumped her there. It was not easy to catch her, because she was aggressive and wild, when I got closer, she stand her ground, didn't run away, just was staring at me and barking aggressively at me. I was impressed, she was so sharp, that I gave her name Sharpie. Then, I used old trick, and finally brought her home. She was wild, didn't know how to play with tennis ball, she went after my hands not after the ball. Then, I taught her a lot of tricks, she was smart perfect dog.
I started with Presa because of her. I wanted a dog who would look like her, but would be bigger for protection training. So, I went on Internet, and I found him: The beautiful Perro de Presa Canario.
Now what happened with Sharpee? When I purchased my first Presas, all my attention went to them, and when I looked Sharpee, I saw that she suffered emotionally. She was not number one dog in our household anymore, I had to split my time between 3 dogs. She didn't play that much like she used to, she looked sad. Fortunately, my neighbors had been looking for a dog. So, I introduced them Sharpee, if they would like her. They been impressed how well she is trained and how she knows all the tricks, even hand signals. They took her home, and I could visit her at any time, because they lived across the street from me. Sharpee had a new masters, who loved her, new family where she was a dog # 1again. I was happy for her. When I came to visit her, she was glad to see me, but not interested in me anymore, she had a new home.


Bobee's got a new home!
Very nice retired lady just recently lost her Yorki. Sweet Bobee will keep her company and makes her happy.

Bobee is our rescue dog in June 2015. He is Yorkshire Terrier Mix.

  Yorkshire Terrier Mix 13lbs, Male
Someone just dumped him in the desert. He was skinny and hungry...when I stopped on dirt road to check him out, he didn't waste any more time and jumped strait into my SUV.
Then he started talking a lot, told me his whole story what happened to him, but I didn't understood a word he was saying, nevertheless, I understood his frustration and took him home. I have him for one year now. He is sweet little boy, obedient, good guard dog, housebroken, doesn't eat much, eats almost anything, likes to run a lot, can handle other dogs of his size.



We will never forget Denver massacre where over 3,000 dogs were
taken from their homes and families and killed

Please watch these videos and mark this day May 9, 2005 in your calendar
and burned the candles for these innocent family dogs like we do