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Castle of Presa




Amazing Presa Canario Puppies


Perro de Presa Canario

The Castle of Presa is the true home of the Real Perro de Presa Canario. We selected the finest Presa Canario dogs from original Spanish bloodlines and brought them to the U.S. for our breeding program. Our commitment and dedication is to continue pure breeding of the Presa Canario according to original standards from the Canary Islands. We breed Presas with traditional appearance, stable temperament, defensive drive and outstanding working ability. We are dedicated to preserve the real Perro de Presa Canario.

What type of dog is a Presa?
Even though Presa Canario is not listed as a working dog, it belongs to working group of dogs, and is prized as a protector and guardian. The Presa Canario is gentle and extremely loyal to his family, but distrustful to strangers, always being watchful and keeping an eye out for potential danger. The Presa Canario is territorial, and has natural instinct for guarding. No special training for guarding is needed. This highly intelligent canine is generally calm and quiet, and moves slowly. But, when called for action, the Presa with his muscular body can be deceptively agile and fast.

When you are at home with your Presa lying down by your feet, while working on your computer or watching TV, you can feel safe and secure knowing that this large, muscular beauty, will give his life in order to save yours. Presas courage and genuine beauty is incomparable with any other breed. We just Love our Presas.

What is the difference between Presa Canario and Dogo Canario? (Updated Feb.2017)
The word “presa” can be translated as a “gripper”. The Tenerife Club Espaňol del Dogo Canario (CEDC) did not feel comfortable with the name “gripper” so they changed it to “Dogo” in 2001 to make it politically correct. They concentrated more on show-look to satisfy their judges, than on performance and working abilities. In 2001 the Fédération Cynologique Internationale,  (FCI is International Kennel Club with 84 member countries, mainly in Europe, based in Belgium) aided by the CEDC, officially designated and recognized the "Perro de Presa Canario breed" as the "Dogo Canario" and eliminated the black coat, traditional markings and maximum weight limitation. FCI recently changed "unlimited weight" of Dogo Canario to original standards of Presa Canario. After almost 15 years, huh.They are getting closer, maybe one day they will accept black coat and then it will be really no difference between Presa and Dogo. But until that the difference is still here. Changing “Presa” to “Dogo” was an insult to many traditional Presa breeders in the Canary Islands, because they felt that Presa dogs have always been a large part of their heritage, and they always referred to them as Presa.

This is a true history of Presa Canario and Dogo Canario. However, there will be always some people who will try to modify the history and tell you nonsense. Be aware od these clowns.
If some breeders breed Presa Canario from original blood line of Manuel Curto breeder from Canary Islands, those breeders breed real Presa Canario, and can proudly say: We Breed Real Presa. No matter how much dirt those psychopaths who prefers Dogos will throw on them.

Because, there are still several Canary Islands breeders who do not accept the change, and breed real Presa based on the old Bardino Majorero bloodline (Bardino is an original Canary Island dog, which played a key role in the creation of Presa Canario), with original appearance, original temperament and register their Presa with U.S. clubs such as UPPCC, as Presa Canario. With this change, the CEDC with FCI actually created a new breed called "Dogo Canario". It is obvious, that if two dogs have two different standards they are two different dogs.

We at the Castle of Presa are supportive of the traditional Presa bloodlines with working abilities, original appearance, black coat, and traditional markings. We breed Presa (not "Dogo") and will only register our dogs with UPPCC.

Even though the Presa has a long and glorious heritage, it is relatively new breed. Since 2001 many breeders went in different directions and ignored the original Presa with traditional appearance and working abilities and started breeding Dogo Canario breed for dog shows. We can still see a significant difference between Presa and Dogo.

The Presa Canario is an extraordinary dog and when properly socialized and trained, there is no better dog than Presa. Presa Canario can now participate in all UPPCC, AKC and UKC events, which include obedience trials, agility trials, weight pulls, and personal protection events. There have already been reports about Presa being titled with PSA, Schutzhund and French Ring, that clearly proves the Presa’s amazing working ability.

Just as ancient aristocrats used to value their Great Danes or English Mastiffs in ancient Europe, the Presa Canario with his great appearance and guarding abilities is gaining popularity and makes him popular in the homes of the wealthy.

We register our Presa Canario at UPPCC club.

You can register your puppy at any club who register Presa Canario.
There are two clubs in US who register Presas. UPPCC and UKC.

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You may have seen a negative report on Internet which involves me and my kennel which is repeatedly coming to my attention.
That is why I would like to clarify my side of the story and for you to be judge of me and my actions.

I have nothing to hide and I am willing to answer privately any questions anybody will ask me about this matter. Several years ago, 3 + months after I have sold this health youngster male dog named Xerxes died. I loved this boy very much. As described by Mr Robert Vaughan my boy died under to me very suspicious circumstances. On top of it there was not even one single attempt made by the owner Robert Vaughan to prove to me veterinarian reason why the dog died. There was no autopsy even attempted. Instead according to open testimony of Rober Vaughan on Internet, the dog was left in the Mr Vaughan's garage to rot for 2 days(!!!!!) dead. While this alone is appalling, there was not even attempt made to diagnose the cause why up to this very point this very healthy dog died. The vibrant health of the dog up to his death was attested to by Mr. Robert Vaughan himself. In any case there was not even attempt made to prove to me that the dog died for genetic reason which are covered by my warranty.

Thus this all boils down to the point that even according to Mr. Vaughan's account and public testimony on public forum I have sold him healthy dog which they have had for 3+ months with 0 (ZERO) complains. No genetic reason for the dogs suspicious and sudden death were give. That is why given the circumstances I do not feel that I own a replacement since I only guarantee immediate health including incubation period of certain diseases and genetic problems. Death caused by Heat stroke, Valley Fewer or Heart worms are not covered by health warranty. It is responsibility of the owner to keep dog safe, and out of heat during hot days. That day was 122F wnen Xerxes died.

I am sorry for the emotional and financial loss Mr Robert Vaughan and his family suffered, but I am not a wealthy man and I am just small hobby breeder who loves these magnificent dogs, who even if I would like to, I can not just give away a replacement for dogs who died for unknown and suspicious and unverified reasons.

I hope that this will help clarify this matter in mind of some people. Thank you for reading.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional concerns.